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When Should You Stop Taking Coffee for Good?


Honestly, quitting coffee sounds like a nightmare. All most all of us take coffee to fuel our selves every morning and it gives us the motivation and energy, required to gear up for the day. It is a lifesaver, particularly in lazy winter mornings. It has become such an integral part of our lifestyle that we cannot imagine living without it, thus, tending to ignore its harmful results. Coffee consumption on a daily basis and in excess results in some health risks. Every kind of coffee, either costa Rican coffee or cappuccino, has caffeine as its major constituent. 

Caffeine is considered to be a drug because of its addictive nature. Besides, it is used for the cure of many diseases like asthma, ADHD, OCD, Parkinson’s disease, etc. However, its consumption in excess leads to some health issues that can prove to be fatal, if coffee intake is not stopped timely. Here are some symptoms with which you can know if coffee is affecting you negatively and should stop drinking it right away for the sake of your health:(1)(2)

  • Insomnia:

Insomnia is a condition when a person cannot sleep at night. If you feel difficulty sleeping at night, then you should consider quitting coffee. The restless sleep leads to drowsiness in the daytime which in turn affects your productivity either at work or in studies. Our body absorbs caffeine quickly and it gets eliminated from our body after 6 or 7 hours when we take it. Therefore, avoid taking coffee in the afternoon or in the evenings because it can alter your sleep cycle, thus, resulting in poor metabolism.

  • Addiction:
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Caffeine addiction is the worst of its kind. Once you get addicted to it, it is hard to let it go. Being dependent on something to get your body function properly is not healthy in any way. If you get headaches when you by any chance miss your morning coffee, then its surely time to break your addiction. If you are addicted to caffeine, it will make you increase its intake because after consuming a certain amount of it regularly, it stops giving you desired effects, hence leading you to increase coffee intake. The more dependent you become, the more you have to spend on it which will affect your monthly budget. You can save thousands of dollars per year if you consider quitting the coffee. To avoid such dependence, start quitting coffee by decreasing the number of cups you take every day and then finally letting it go completely. (4)

  • Anxiety:

Anxiety is the most common phycological issue these days, particularly among youth. Caffeine intakes worsen your anxiety level. Its constant consumption increases irritability, anxious behavior, and hostility, as it gives you the energy that stimulates fight and flight response hormones, which in turn decreases your productivity by making you lose your focus and concentration. Quitting coffee will help you to be in the best moods by being less anxious. Your body will absorb nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B and iron in a better way, that were otherwise inhabited by caffeine. Absorption of such nutrients strengthens the nervous system that will help you cure the jitters and shaky handy that are an outcome of excess coffee consumption. 

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  • Examine Your Appearance:
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Either it is an organic coffee or a Thai coffee, it stains our teeth. The acidity in caffeinated drinks leads to tooth decay and discoloration, thus, leaving a yellowish hue on your teeth. Although caffeine does not cause acne, it increases it. Consuming coffee on daily basis heighten your stress level, as a result of which there will be high oil production in your sebaceous glands, which means more acne. So, if you are tired of treating your acne, then you should consider giving up coffee. Moreover, coffee causes dehydration which will lead to wrinkles in your skin. To age in a better way, say no to caffeinated drinks.  

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If you see any of these symptoms listed above, you should consider stopping drinking coffee. Do not just be focused on it temporary and momentary benefits like boosting up your energy level, look for its long-lasting harmful impact that will alter your bodily functions. Being addicted to coffee eventually becomes painful and your dependence on it will handicap your organs from functioning properly without it. To adopt a healthy lifestyle, start by cutting off coffee consumption because it’s the minor changes that lead to a healthier life!

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