What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22

What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22


How would you feel in a gathering of friends, where you’re the only virgin?

Oh, is losing your virginity before you clock 22 even something of a big deal?
or are you just curious about What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22
Age doesn’t really matter, let me start with that.

I attended a night birthday party, in my school days. Suddenly, the moderator invited me for a ‘Truth and Dare’ session. I’m the best friend of the celebrant. I’m not the shy type, but this day was a worse day in my entire life. One of those dumb ‘Truth’ quizzes dazzled out like ‘are you a virgin?’

Mehn! This is a virgin me, before hundreds of friends on campus. I waived that quest. Because 99% of them regard virgins as dummy puppets. Hey, how would you feel in such a messy moment, when you’re one of the most sociable on campus? I just wouldn’t choose to lie that I wasn’t a virgin. It appears foolish to lie on that.

But wait! What’s particularly the big deal about being a virgin when most virgins get nothing better than non-virgins? Does being a virgin heal illness or pursue hunger off the stomach? For instance, the religious scene has been so hypocritical such that it’s finally blinded us to a popular construct that allegedly indulging in sex is the only way to damage your sacred hymen. (What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22)

Oh, are you getting me wrong already? I do not say you should break your virginity status if you are one. I was only trying to see from another angle. How has been a virgin added to your success in life pursuit? Wouldn’t you be disciplined and still move forward in life when deflowered?

Come on, lady! I recently went over a couple of pages of medical researches on what you should know before you lose your virginity if at all you’re contemplating losing your virginity before 22.

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1. You Can’t Be Sure if you are a Still Virgin

what happens if you lose your virginity at 13

You may not believe this. Your hymen is a thing that can break during masturbation, exercise, stress, and several other media. of physical activities. Most times, it happens. Virgins still have the hymen intact. How do you know your hymen is still intact? (What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22)

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Yes. It’s a riddle for you to ponder on. There more deflowering things to virginity than penetrating the penis into the vagina. Let’s be blunt.

2. Various Perspectives Describe Virginity

Depending on your background, your view on virginity is influenced. For instance, if you grew from a non-religious family, a religious folk’s view on virginity would be dumb to you. In the same way, the other folk can even bet his head that you’d burn up in hell, for your perspective.

Meanwhile, it’s awesome when we study sensitive things like this from different perspectives and know why philosophies are those different ways. ( What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22)

For some, oral sex, sexual stimulation and masturbation deflower. In another sense, it’s not. There’s no perfect definition of Virginity.

3. Forget The Myth About Hymen

If you still have a hymen, it isn’t going to “pop” during vaginal penetration

Probably, you’ve heard someone tell you how the hymen is a tissue covering the entrance, and how it could ‘pop’. But my medical research reveals how loose the hymen is. It isn’t that intact. It only hangs around the vagina but could be you know, broken, during penetration or other physical activities. It isn’t much of a big deal. If your perspective says it is, you’re equally not wrong.

4. Virginity Isn’t Determined By The Status of Your Hymen

Virginity Isn't Determined By The Status of Your Hymen

Probably, you discover your hymen isn’t any more intact. Yes, some aren’t born with it. The status of your virginity is known by you. I, personally believe that a lady who’s never had penetrative sex is a virgin. Your own definition is the best to suit your status. ( What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22 )

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5. Nothing Would Affect Your Body

A yesterday virgin who got deflowered today wouldn’t reduce nor increase in stature tomorrow or even next month, depending on diet. I don’t say you should have sex. All I’m saying is, it doesn’t in any way affect your body system, health or life in general, depending on your philosophy.

6. Nobody Would Know When You Are No Longer a Virgin

When I was still in high school, my mates formulated a baseless description of deflowered ladies: their legs would be broad apart. They’d work with a slight bowleg.

That’s a sheer myth that lasted in my philosophy for years. You see we need to explore the world and right some truths that are purely false.

This is why I’ll never sit and watch a pastor or a lecturer preach on anything, and sink that in permanently, without confirming it by myself.

7. There is No Any ‘After-Sex’ Look

There is No Any 'After-Sex' Look
There is No Any ‘After-Sex’ Look

Immediately you finish with your guy, in a few minutes, your body will come back to normal. During sex, you’d experience swollen vulva, rapid breath, flushed skin, sweat, and much more. But after sex, everything about you will come back to normalcy. (What Happens if You Lose Your Virginity Before 22)

Unlike the myth that you’d walk in an entirely different manner, your legs will work with a normal style you were once used to.

Meanwhile, no one can ever specify you as a virgin or not, after sex.  The only way they would know is if you decide to tell them.

8. You Might Get Pregnant

11 Things You Should Know Before You “Lose” Your Virginity
You Might Get Pregnant

In case you have sexual intercourse, pregnancy can occur, that very first time. Yes. Anytime there is vaginal penetration with a penis, pregnancy is not impossible. But if your partner uses a condom, you won’t be pregnant. If he ejaculates inside you, there’s a high chance you’d become pregnant, depending on the status of his sperm.

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9. You May Contract Sexually Transmitted Infection or Disease

You May Contract Sexually Transmitted Infection or Disease, Use Condom
You May Contract Sexually Transmitted Infection or Disease

I’ll be blunt.

It’s risky to engage in an unprotected partner. Because, that folk might be affected, and he doesn’t know. Even when he knows, he wouldn’t let you know. If you have sex with such a partner, you’d have a share in his disease or infection. A few of these are HIV/Aids, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Stapylocucus and several others.

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10. You’ll No Longer Be a Virgin

You'll No Longer Be a Virgin,  after losing your virginity, but really who cares??
You’ll No Longer Be a Virgin

Let’s be blank.

You won’t respect sex as you do before. You wouldn’t see sex as something sacred any longer as of before if you’re religious.

The worst of it all is: you’ll no more be specially classified as a Virgin.

From the religious perspective, Virgins are respected, honoured and important in handling things of gods or God, unlike non-virgins.


The world is more advanced than to sit watch and see time pass by without choosing what best suits your moment. You have your life to live as either a virgin or a non-virgin. Neither of both adds more money to our bank accounts if we refuse to solve societal problems. Hence, what happens if you lose your virginity before 22? has been clarified.

Although, some claim that being a virgin accord them a fulfilled life. In the same way, many also claim how being a non-virgin gave them a fun-filled life too. Just know the above-listed highlights, before you lose your virginity.

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