The Perfect Guide on How to Crack Your Neck

The Perfect Guide on How to Crack Your Neck


It’s easy to do. In fact, this method is risk-free.

You want to crack your neck or shoulder without any consequence or skeletal damage. In fact, scientists and several credible authors attest to it on how many people who suffer from neck pain difficulties and develop a habit of “popping”, or cracking their necks. But what’s actually the point of cracking your neck per say?

But have you ever asked the question if this neck cracking of a thing a safe practice?

Have you ever launched research to be sure if learning how to crack your neck wouldn’t pose more damages or problems to the current situation

In fact, does it really relieve pain and increase flexibility?

You need to understand what actually causes that popping sound.

And the good news is that today, you’ll not only get an explanation as to why and what resulted in your current need to crack your neck(if you have pain) but also explicitly explicate how to crack your neck without posing the risk of health problems, how to crack your neck with a towel, how to crack your shoulder

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How to Crack Your Neck And Shoulder

How to Crack Your Neck And Shoulder

Here are the simple steps involved in how to crack your neck and shoulder:

  1. Loosen the muscles in your neck through a neck or shoulder rub or massage for some seconds. You could also do some stretches in order to loosen the neck. This is in a bid to avoid pulling your muscle if you do it without loosening up first.
  2. Use your left hand to cup your chin. Here, you need to form a cup using your hand and then place your chin in the hollow of your hand.
  3. Use your right hand to reach to the back of your head and ensure that your hand has been comfortably positioned and not painfully tightened around your head.
  4. Gently, but firmly push your chin to the right and rotate in a counterclockwise motion
  5. Pull your head to the left using the hand that is behind your head and then stretch gently until the muscles have been fully stretched (not overstretched).

Why It’s Good to Consider Cracking Your Neck?

Honestly, when you crack your neck, you’ll get short-term pain relief when you have a stiff neck. In fact, you may as well get to know that cracking your neck eliminates back pain and headaches.

Unfortunately, the benefits are limited. For instance, researches reveal that neck cracking wouk6 only temporarily benefit your neck area. The positive effects are just mild and the number of audible joint pops from spinal manipulation does not have much reliable association with improvement in neck pain.

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Hence, in case you sense the feeling decision that your neck pain requires a major manual adjustment, talk to a healthcare provider about a referral to a chiropractor who can professionally pop the joints of your neck. Certain people who get relief from neck cracking or chiropractic adjustment can also get help from physical therapy.

Therefore, cracking your neck could give you temporary relief from a stiff neck, neck pain, or back pain. Meanwhile, neck cracking is just a short-term solution and prolonged neck pain may call for a visit to a healthcare specialist b for treatment.

You’ll hear that popping sound when you crack your neck. It’s as the result of “cavitation”. Cavitation is the bursting of gas bubbles, that takes place in your joints. The “pop” noise can as well result from the toggling of tendons and your ligaments whenever you crack your neck. Certain studies have revealed that the sound you hear on the joints popping may have slight physiological advantages for certain patients. Even though the evidence ain’t particularly that strong. (how to crack your Shoulder)

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As the procedure of cracking sounds might come from safe, or normal moments within the body, they can as well result from osteoarthritis or an injury. In case you discover that your joints are turning painful or swollen while cracking them, talk to a health specialist.

Hence, it’s important to note that the popping sound resulting from you cracking your neck or Shoulder is less due to the result from the bursting of gas bubbles or the movement of tendons and ligaments in the joints. Popping sounds may as well result from osteoarthritis. In case your joints ache or swell after cracking them, you might have an underlying challenge and should speak with a healthcare provider. (how to crack your Shoulder)

How to Crack Your Neck With a Towel

How to Crack Your Neck With a Towel

1. Back Lying Twist

  • Just lie on your back with the right leg straightened and then, your left leg bent.
  • Tailor your left arm outside to the side and away from your body. Then, turn your head to the left side.
  • As you hold that extended position, twist your lower body to the right. Picture it that you are trying to touch the floor with your left shoulder and your left knee at the same time.
  • You can place a pillow under your left shoulder if it doesn’t reach all the way down.
  • Ensure you breathe deeply as you use your right hand to press down your left knee.
  • Then, draw your left knee higher up toward your chest or straighten your leg to deepen the stretch.

Repeat this process on the opposite side.

And you’ll feel this stretch on your lower back.

2.  Rotation of the Spine Technique

  • As you stand, extend your arms out in front of you.
  • Gently navigate your upper body to the right side. Ensure that your hips and feet face forward.
  • Return to the centre and then twist to the left side.
  • Keep on with this movement a few times or until you hear your back crack or your back feels looser.
  • You can as well use the momentum of your arms to help order the movement.

As a result, you’ll feel this stretch in your lower spine.

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3. Back standing Extension Method

  • Firstly, stand. And as you stand, make a fist with a hand and then wrap your opposite hand over it at the base of the spine.
  • Gently Push up on the spine with your hands at a slight upward angle.
  • Then, Lean back,  by making use of the pressure of your hands to crack your back.
  • Move your hands up your spine and act the same stretch at different levels.
  • You’ll see that you’ll experience this stretch along your spine at the place you are applying the pressure.

4. Lumbar Standing Method

This also requires that you stand. As you stand, place your palms across your back or at the top of your butt. Make sure your fingers angles downwardly. Then, ensure your pinky fingers are on either side of your spine. (how to crack your Shoulder)

  • Gently lift and extend your spine upwards and then arch backwards, using your hands to apply gentle pressure to your back.
  • Be on this position for about 10 to 20 seconds, and don’t forget to breathe.
  • In case you’re more flexible, move your hands further up your spine and then, do the stretch at various levels.
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5. Upward Stretch

You have to be straight on your feet, for this too. And from that standing position, interlace your fingers behind your head.

  • Gently lengthen your spine towards the up direction, and arch backwards, pressing your head into your hands.
  • Develop resistance by pressing your hands into your head.
  • Be on this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe.

6. Seated Twist For Cracking Neck

You’ll need to sit on the floor for this, with your left leg extended in front of you and your right leg bent such that your knee is tilted up. (how to crack your neck)

  • Intercept your right leg on top of the left by planting your right foot outside of your left knee.
  • Ensure that your spine is straight.
  • Afterwards, put your right hand on the ground behind your hips and then put your left elbow outside of the right knee, navigating to look over your right shoulder.
  • Compress your arm and knee into each other to emphasize on the stretch.
  • Ensure that the twist begins at your lower back. You’ll feel this stretch all along your spine.

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7. Back Lying Stretch

  • Lie down on your back, and while lying on your back with bent knees, place a foam roller horizontally beneath your shoulders.
  • Interlace your fingers at the back of your head or protrude them alongside your body.
  • Use your heels as momentum to roll your body up and down over the foam roller, hereby pressing it into your spine.
  • Then, you can as well roll all the way up to your neck and lower back or concentrate on your middle back.
  • If it’s convenient, you can tender your spine slightly.
  • Roll, ten times in each direction.

You’ll feel this massage and stretch all along your spine and might get a few adjustments.(how to crack your neck with a towel)

What are the Risks Behind Cracking my Neck?

It’s generally known, that occasional joint cracking, when done properly, will not cause prolonged damage. Meanwhile, frequent neck cracking holds that risk of breaking or weakening the ligaments at your neck by stretching them out way much.

Hence, it’s important you don’t fall under cracking your neck incorrectly. Because you could, as a result, cause acute pain in your neck or spine.

Neck or shoulder cracking also has the potential to cause wear and tear on the vertebrae in your spine.(how to crack your neck)

Neck\Shoulder cracking is not too disastrous though, but the therapeutic effects aren’t unlimited, and so cracking should not be done with moderately. For instance, when you improperly crack your neck, it could increase your pain, over-lengthen your ligaments, or even destroy the vertebrae inside your spine.

Thus, the risks behind cracking your neck are quite low, but you should take care not to twist too far. Cracking the ur neck too frequently, or improperly, can weaken the neck ligaments or inflict injury, resulting in greater pain and discomfort.


Apparently, we’ve succinctly touched how to crack your neck, how to crack your neck with a towel, How To Crack Your Shoulder, Neck or shoulder cracking shouldn’t result to pain, swelling or inflammation. In case you notice any downside effects from neck cracking, kindly talk to a healthcare provider.

Also, a comprehensive spinal manipulation therapy schedule that comprises neck adjustment may give a more sustained pain alleviation and will limit the chances of harm. Kindly share!

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