Slums Test: What You Should Know and Why You Should Try it

Slums Test: What You Should Know and Why You Should Try it


Slums Test: What You Should Know and Why You Should Try it

Have you ever come across this SLUMS test before?

It’s actually the Saint Louis University Mental Status Examination (SLUMS), and it’s a way of screening you for Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia. It was made as an alternative screening test to the commonly used Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). An idea was that MMSE ain’t as effective at discovering people with very early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. At times, it’s referred to as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), or mild Neurocognitive disorder (MNCD).

These symptoms actually show as people gradually graduate from the normal aging stage to early Alzheimer’s.

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SLUMS Scoring

SLUMS typically is made up of 11 items, and it does measure the cognitive aspects which include orientation, short-term memory, calculations, the naming of animals, the clock drawing test, and recognition of geometric figures. It actually uses approximately seven minutes to administer.

Then, it does score between the range of 0 and 30.

The Scores between 27 to 30 were taken as normal in an individual with high school education.

Meanwhile, the scores from 21 to 26 reflect a mild neurocognitive disorder.

Ultimately, results between 0 and 20 show the aspect of dementia proper.

Why is SLUMS Useful?

You wouldn’t believe that Saint Louis University scientists used both the MMSE and the SLUMS to test 705 men aged at around 60 years old. These men are typically treated at Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center, Veterans Administration Hospitals in St. Louis around 2003. (Slums Test)

Saint Louis’s researchers later realized that as both devices diagnosed dementia, only the SLUMS discovered a group of patients as identified to have mild cognitive issues.

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Another research was actually conducted too. Although, this research involves 58 nursing home outlets compared with the SLUMS’ capacity to discover early dementia stages to that of the MMSE, the Test Your Memory (TYM) screen and the Short Test of Mental State (STMS). (slums cognitive test)

So, the results brought it out that the SLUMS test was actually better at possessing that capacity to detect dementia in its early stages as compared with the remaining tests.

Moreover, studies also detected that though, both the MMSE and the SLUMS got an estimate of 30 points, the actual average result of the SLUMS is more or less five points lower than this of the MMSE.

Obviously, it’s indisputable that SLUMS is a bit more tough test and therefore tend to be more reactive to mild cognitive impairment (Slums Test)

Merits and Demerits of the SLUMS test

Hands down, I can say the distinct way at which SLUMS benefits lie in its superiority compared with the MMSE in diagnosing people’s milder cognitive challenges. And in actual fact, these problems aren’t yet aggressive up to the unfortunate situation of dementia.

Also, the SLUMS test is so beneficial due to its free service. Other tests demand that you pay, but the SLUMS test is free.

Meanwhile, talking about the discouraging aspect, or in other words ‘demerits’ – from SLUMS, they include the fact that the SLUMS test is not as popularly observed as that of the MMSE test.

Then,  it has been less studied for validity and reliability than the MMSE.

Would you also believe that in spite of its value as a tool for screening, SLUMS would never be taken as an alternative for a full diagnostic workup for Alzheimer’s problems or be administered by any individual other than professional medical personnel?

I’ll be frank with you, personally, If you see a physician for an evaluation, the SLUMS is one out of those tests that can be employed to assess the functions of cognition.

Although it can appear somewhat intimidating to go through testing, it can also be really helpful to identify a fall back in thinking or memory in its earlier levels.

Besides, an added advantage early detection gives include identifying possible reversible causes of loss of memory, feasible earlier treatment, and concentrating on strategies including diet and exercise that have been shown to be helpful in reducing or slowing down the chance of progression to Alzheimer’s.

Is the SLUMS Exam Really Necessary?

Normally,  dementia can affect its signs and symptoms, and it can arrive on slowly and are usually dismissed or missed by caregivers and family members. As we both can see, we have here a problem resulting from early intervention. The early intervention actually plays such an important role in slowing the progression of dementia and dementia-related problems.

As I’ve noticed, these studies could be self-demanding and strenuous, to seniors, it’s likely to reduce test anxiety by reassuring patients through euphemisms. For instance, we can tell them it’s a pleasant and even stress-free experience. Caregivers who get concerned about how to fire up loved ones for the test can watch a doctor take over the exams. (Slums Test)

So, in case you find the results of your aging loved one’s SLUMS Exam to be substandard, you do have to go through the act of seeking assistance or advice. A neurological or geriatric consultation might help further decide whether dementia is present. Essentially, asides from addressing the assurance it’s present, the type of dementia present is relatively important.

Guess what?

Why it’s beneficial to at an earlier stage discover this disease and the treatment of Alzheimer can’t be exaggerated.

As the case may be, you may detect that your aged loved one is experiencing certain cognitive declines, talk to his/her physician about maybe the SLUMS Exam is appropriate. And don’t forget to learn online more useful information for caregivers on dementia, along with concise and comprehensive lessons from caregiver training clips.(slums cognitive test)

You can search Google for available ones.

Then, in case you’re at a loss of those things you or any caregiver might do with a person with dementia, certain studies analyze various meaningful and affordable activities for patients affected with Dementia, along with practical advice to make caregiving easier.

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SLUMS Cognitive Test: How it is Carried Out

SLUMS test has already been nominated to be reliable in assessing for mild cognitive impairment.

This test is esteemed among those available screening tools suggested by the American Alzheimer’s Association that give operationalized mild cognitive impairment diagnosis. (Slums Test)

Yet, veterans recommended that there are insufficient empirical reports looking similar to the use of the SLUMS test in research and clinical studies.

Therefore, the information gathered in this study, which concentrated on the likelihood of using a Polish version of the test for the diagnosis of dementia and MCI, confirms its properties of psychometry. (slums cognitive test)

Perhaps, the Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient approached an acceptable value. In addition, this particular value increased by removing the world ‘Figures’ from the analysis.

This subtest may be skipped in the Polish version of the SLUMS test, as a result of the lack of differences in the responses of the subjects with varying functions of cognition ( for instance, no differences in responses between subjects with perceived dementia and those with the disappearance of symptoms). (slums cognitive test)

By the way, relative results were got by medical scientists from Saint Louis, who insisted on the low discriminatory power of this particular subtest.

So, the statistically noteworthy strong and positive correlations between the results of the SLUMS and STMS (r = 0.816), TYM (r = 0.883) and MMSE (r = 0.66) tests indicate that the Polish model of the test is correct and has a convergent justice and validity.

Meanwhile, scores from previous studies evaluating the sensitivity rate of the above-mentioned tests reflect that the TYM and STMS are superior to the commonly used MMSE [20–22, 27].

Moreover, these researches, together with a rigid correlation of the TYM SLUMS, and STMS tests suggest that it appears as a better psychometric test than that of MMSE.

Furthermore, the availability of statistically noteworthy differences between diagnoses in detecting dementia and cognitive impairment and suggests SLUMS to be a more better screening tool in the elderly at risk of cognitive impairment than this popularly used MMSE test. (Slums Test)

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Afterward, when we assume popularly applied cut-off scores, the distribution comparison of subjects in the SLUMS and MMSE  diagnostic categories confirmed that the SLUMS classified subjects in the “suspected dementia” gathering more often than the MMSE.

About seven subjects from the “suspected dementia” selection and 16 from the “cognitive impairment” selection were seen to have no cognitive impairment or dementia symptoms when using the standard MMSE test.

Also, as soon as we compare SLUMS to TYM and STMS, it can be significant that subjects distribution in the group without dementia and cognitive impairment in SLUMS, is relative to that found in the group of STMS.

Hence, the subjects would now be divided into two groups determined by the STMS results: 1.those without any symptoms, and

2. those suspected to have dementia.

As the rules lay it down during the course of STMS test subjects with cognitive impairment may as well be grouped in the classification reflecting the attributes of dementia.

Hence, subject distribution in diagnostic groups is not the same when taking into recognition the TYM results. (slums cognitive test)

At the same time, due to this discriminatory ability of the SLUMS  test to diagnose MCI, there is a necessity for its validation in the state of Poland on a huge group of respondents from various social upbringings.

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Today, I’ve covered how the psychometric properties of the SLUMS test play a big role in the screening of cognitive impairments and dementia.

As it stands now, after the addition of the Polish language clinicians’ instructions in the test, the SLUMS test can be a productive alternative to the popularly used MMSE and a problem-solving device in MCI’s diagnosis.

Thus, you can consider this for any individual you suspect with dementia. Kindly share!

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