Copy and Paste Paragraphs for Her That Will Make Her Happy

Long Paragraphs for Him Which You Can Copy and Paste


When last did you make your fiancé smile from the heart?

Last week, I received an email reply from a reader from this website: “please I need your help for long paragraphs for him to copy and paste, long paragraphs for her copy and paste with emojis precisely”. That was the exact mail I got. Being a romance coach, I took my time to expose him breakthrough ethics that will keep any relationship up in the air eternally, with cutting-edge paragraphs.

And today, I’ll expose you to these things too. You already know most relationships don’t last. No matter how you communicate or get closer to each other, there isn’t a 100% chance you’ll end up together.

You know why? Care is underestimated. Words make and break. When you express rich care sparkling on his emotions through long paragraphs for him, his heart will dazzle a light of the desire for you. His memory will engage a beam of hunger to love you the more.

Hence, I’ve done a breakdown of samples of long paragraphs with which you can copy and paste. Each of the below paragraphs is different. Each paragraph means different subjects.

Templates of Long Paragraphs for Him Which You Can Copy and Paste

Templates of Long Paragraphs for Him Which You Can Copy and Paste

Have I ever informed you there isn’t a single night nor day that your thoughts never shine through my heart? At every single moment, minute, second and days, my mind contains every bit of you. My heart has chosen the only person I’d spend the rest of my life with, and it’s you. I can’t do without you, Sugar!  

Each of the things that concern me is you and you alone. I mean it. These pleasurable times we had together, those marvellous moments we enjoyed can never exit my soul. My heart belongs to you forever and eternally and not even a single thing will affect that, sweetie!

As I type this, I think of breakfast and no idea seems cool right now without you here. Coffee? What else can warm me without you? Even when I make punchy pancakes from here, I doubt they’ll be as succulent as your saucy lips. Yea, I might go for this crepe garnished with whip cream, berries, and glucose powder, and yet, you’re much more delicious than these. I can’t just survive a world without you, Honey! (Long paragraphs for him copy and paste)

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Do you know you’re the best person I’ve ever met in my entire life? I’m sorry I haven’t told you. I’ve never met an exquisite baby as amazing as you really are. I so much fell in love with you in an indescribable way. You just mean every single thing to me. This year is a kind of one we don’t know how it’ll hen, but I just need to let you know I trust you fidelity, honesty, and love. I believe this year will be more than amazing with wealth from every corner of the earth! I can’t trade you for anything. ( Long Paragraphs for Him Which You Can Copy and Paste)

Hands down, I almost gave up the whole of my life, but you appeared as a saviour. Your entrance into my life was like you raised a dead back to life. Yes, because I was a living dead whose all hope was lost. You’ve been the source of my strength, health, wealth, and happiness. You’re a present gifted to me by God. Like you’re an answer to every of my prayers.

My life is just nothing without you inside, and you’ll ever be my pillar for the rest of my life. Thanks for being a ray of new joy fresh as a living spring falling with zest. May God bless you for every love seed you’ve ever sown into my life, honey! You deserve the best birthday celebration ever existed on planet earth, as I just can’t wait to set my eyes on you again.

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Today is your birthday, sweetheart. My first gratitude goes to God who ordained us to meet. I celebrate you today for being a man of valour and fidelity. Just like a sweet dream, I watched you navigate from a friend to a lover. Happy Birthday to you, my wonderful lover and best friend. I celebrate you and with you today. All thanks to God for keeping you for me. It has been an amazing 5 years of watching you grow from being my friend to my best friend, and finally to a lover. Well, my dream isn’t yet manifested completely, as I know we’ll end up together as one flesh: you being my crown, and I being your helper. Thanks so much for being there through tough and thick. I just can’t live a kind of world without you.

As I type right now, I feel like riding to a high mountain top and scream to the world how much I can’t do without you. You’re my everything. What would I do without your existence? I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone as much as I do really love you. And I just feel that explosion to burst out to the world how much I really do love you. I need the world to understand that true love lives. I want them to be. I can’t count how many times I’ve reprimanded anyone who argues that there ain’t no true love. Because you’re an encounter of true love. Everything about you is love. You’re my love, and I can never trade you fur anything. I can never lose you and we’ll forever be together. Just can’t wait to set my eyes on you again darling! (long paragraphs for him copy and paste)

I just don’t know which words to express how glad and lucky I am to ever meet you. Is it “I love you” or what would I just say? Because I just don’t know how to apply mere words to describe how much my feelings are for you. If I should be saying the 3 words till eternity, they ain’t sufficient to express how I really do feel. If I should write a book, I swear to God, a million pages wouldn’t be enough to contain my present desire for you. How much more when I lose you. I just can’t stand the imagination of losing you let alone of losing you in reality. I can’t just stay in this world without you. I really wish I could cut out my heart and reveal to you space at which you occupy. Yes, just to let you understand that I love you more than the meaning of love in itself. You’re my everything.

Copy and Paste Paragraphs for Her

Copy and Paste Paragraphs for Him

Just as that sky on you is blue, my love for you is true. Like how sunsets at dawn, while the moon sets at dusk, will your affection forever radiate the entirety of my breath. You’re more than joy in my heart. You’re sweeter than sugar on my lips. Every time I remember you, my heart cools down and a smell of million-dollar perfume dances through my nostrils. I mean, your memory gives me a breath of luck life. Nobody could be compared with you, the way you exist. You’re just a god God sent to radiate my entire life, and I bless him, I didn’t miss the mark. I cannot live my life without you inside. I just can’t describe how awesome you are in my world. You’re an angel, and a sweetie sweeter than honey.

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I can remember that moment I first set my eyes on you. Yes, a kinda spark beamed the entire of my reasoning. I’ll confess, your uniqueness shook my world of reality. I was a shy person, but pardon me for that. Suddenly, you called on me to have a ‘hi’ chat, and I swear to God, that first meeting was the best I’ve ever had in my entire life. I felt I was in the air. You’re such an amazing person God blessed me with. I just can’t describe how much I love you. Ever since you’ve made me an awesome version of who I never dreamt of becoming, and I just can’t live a world without you by my side.

Life only gets better when you are with me. At every point we are in this relationship is the clear proof that love is a beautiful thing. I knew that you were destined for me because I have never stopped loving you from the very first day I set my eyes on you. I congratulate my self every day. Being with you is the best decision I have ever made.

I call you my perfect choice because you complete me perfectly. You are the reason for my laughter and constant overflow of joy in my heart. Sometimes, I wish I met you before I met a whole lot of people in my life. You are my one, and only, I will hold back nothing in loving you. Have an awesome day ahead.

Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste with Emojis

Life might not be the way we want it to be. My days might not be as bright as I have always wished for, but my love is here for you always. So many people claim to be in love but only a few experience true love. I am happy to be among the very few that have felt loved. You are my one true love that my heart will beat for all through my lifetime. I love you, and I have never been this sure of what I feel. (long paragraphs for her copy and paste with emojis)

To the one that has stolen my heart and broke down my defences, I love you. With you, I have learned that life is a long journey that is better off embarking with someone that is as amazing as you are. I love you with all of my heart because life seems easy when you are around. You are one person that I am grateful to have met. You mean everything to me.

When the time comes, it will be just the two of us because nothing will be capable of keeping us apart even nature. In the meantime, I want to thank you for the love and sacrifices that you have made for me. They mean so much to me that you can think of, t.hank you for making me feel special. I now understand that love is 90% sacrifices and 10% about self.

Copy and Paste Paragraphs for Her That Will Make Her Happy

Copy and Paste Paragraphs for Her That Will Make Her Happy

Beams from your handsome face mesmerizes the soul in my heart. Your radiance accords me ease capable of cooling down my temper. I believe you can’t do without me too. But you’re just so special that I may suffocate if I no longer belong to you again. I can’t do without you.

I hope you slept well! I know that ‘well’ would be ‘best’ had I been by your side. A few years ago, as you’d still remember, we started dating. I swear to God, these years have been the best years of my life ever. The value and understanding we shared had radiated my existence on earth to be who I am currently. You’re such a dexterous darling. Hands down, I can’t do without you. (long paragraphs for her copy and paste with emojis)

Did you take a sumptuous meal this morning? I hope I could be there to be sure you did. Darling, I just can’t stand that day you’d eat something depriving of energy for the whole day you’d spend d working. I humbly suggest that you face every challenge, and save some funds. So that when we finally settle, we’ll have something big to enjoy with each other.

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I can vouch that the above long paragraphs which you can copy and paste for him, long paragraphs for her copy and paste with emojis will do wonders in your relationship. Kindly try them and see how magical it radiates your fiancé’s heart. But don’t ever let him know you got it from somewhere. I suggest you inscribe his name. Meanwhile, read, study and understand any of your choice above, then ensure it aligns with the history of your relationship. Kindly share with your friends on Facebook and other platforms.

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