Incline vs Decline Bench

Incline vs Decline Bench: Which is Better?

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Incline vs Decline Bench

Read the complete write up on Incline Bench, Decline Bench, which one is better? and why it’s better, also what’s the difference between incline and decline bench press

You walk into the gym ready to smash your workout. 

You want to use a bench, but you also know that you need varying the range of motions to build every muscle group.  

This means you need to choose between doing an incline bench or a decline bench. 

But, which of these options will help you meet your fitness goals, and which one is just a waste of time?

What Is Bench Presses?

What Is Bench Presses
What Is Bench Presses

The bench press is the gold standard of push movements. Lying on your back and pressing the weight off your chest builds pectoral muscles and the deltoid muscles. 

This movement also works your triceps, and in a secondary capacity works the traps and the back.

Almost all disciplines of fitness use the bench press, either for targeting chest and arm muscles or for general fitness preparation. 

It helps with pushing power, push-up abilities, and even helps with weight loss when paired with the right diet.

Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press, on the other hand, changes the angle of the bench from a flat surface to an inclined one where the head is above the torso. 

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In an inclined press, the bar angle is also different, since the bar path should still be directly up away from the floor your arms are now pushing up. 

The muscles used in an incline bench are the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. It’s basically the same muscles that are targeted in a flat bench, but it may have an increased impact. 

In fact, the incline bench press puts more strain on the upper muscles which give your pecs a flatter and more defined look. 

Someone who focuses only on the flat bench might put too much mass in the middle of the pecs. It may result in chest muscles that look almost like man-boobs, compared to the strong upper-body physique many men aim for.  

The incline bench press isn’t the perfect lift though. Most experts agree that the incline bench has very limited scope when compared to its flat bench press counterpart. 

While the different angle forces your upper pectorals to work harder, the lower pec muscles don’t put as much effort. 

Since you are focusing more of your effort on a smaller part of your chest, your overall strength isn’t getting as much of a test and your gains might be slower than with a heavy focus on the flat bench press.

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Decline Bench Press

Decline Bench Press
Decline Bench Press

The decline bench press is the opposite of the incline bench press. The bench is still at an angle but this time your head is lower than your torso. 

The bar path still goes directly away from the ground which means your arms are pushing at a low angle, almost as if you were standing where you would be pushing toward the ground. 

The decline bench is the opposite of the incline bench in some other ways too. 

In the way that the incline bench press puts more stress on the upper pectoral muscles, the decline press puts more stress on the lower pectoral muscles. 

While the incline bench helps to give your pecs a flatter and less round look, some say that the decline helps to build size, especially since the lower pec muscles jut out more, adding more mass to those areas will help your chest look larger and even increase strength.

One major problem with the decline bench is that it is difficult to do without a spotter. 

The muscles used in the decline bench aren’t as strong as a flat bench, so the weight you are able to lift will decrease. 

Finding the right amount of decline bench can be difficult and if you don’t have a spotter that you trust it can be dangerous. 

The other issue with the decline bench is that other common fitness movements, such as the dip will help target those same muscles, but with a lot of less effort and specialized equipment needed.

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Which Is Better?

The pros and cons of each type of press can seem confusing. But in the end, it all comes down to the goals you want to achieve and the body you want to have. 

The incline is ideal for a balanced and strong physique and is probably more important than the decline to a normal person heading to the gym.

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