Chest Workout at Home Without Weights


Chest Workout at Home Without Weights 

Allow me to say Bench presses and push-ups are few of the best-recognized chest exercises observed in most strength, power, and fitness programs. 

When you develop a bigger, stronger, and more defined chest, you often place it at the top of most lifters goals, which always means lifting weights exists in such programmes. 

Do you know that when a lifter may not have access to a barbell, dumbbells, and chest training machines, yet still is aiming at continuing to progress their chest development without weights?

Hence, today, you’ll learn from how I already set out to offer coaches and athletes some exercise hints and workout ideas on manners at which you can train your chest without weights, specifically:

Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment 

Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

Be informed. When you’re set to build strength and muscle mass, your bodyweight training may fall deficit for most advanced and serious goals. That said, a mix of resistance training and bodyweight exercise is suggested for optimal chest growth.

Best Chest Exercises to Do Without Weights

Below are various aspects or techniques for the best chest exercises you should do without weights. Just as most of this exercise below is push up variations, it is crucial to understand well the unique benefits and distinct differences between each push-up variation and how they may be used within the same workouts to increase muscle growth.

A vibrant and toned chest will allot you a bundle of benefit. A rugged and toned chest is attached to a bundle of benefits to serve in one’s life.

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A toned and chiselled chest not only ensures great upper body strength but also gives a well-defined physique. Many always ignore training their chest muscles due to the fact that they aren’t familiar with all the benefits it will give.

Also, it helps people to set up their workouts for back muscles, making their upper body frame broader and stronger. To get this toned and strong chest, one doesn’t need to go to the gym. Several workouts exist which can be done at home for the same reasons. 

Today, we’ll see five bodyweight chest workouts, which you can do at home or anywhere with minimal equipment.

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The first workout that will bring out your pectoral muscles is Push-ups. The push up is one of the most universal bodyweight exercises for chest training. It can be regressed and progressed easily and has many variations that can be suitable for nearly every lifter/athlete.

By far, this is the most classic exercises you can try. Everyone can easily do it. Anyone who workout in the gyms or their homes also can. It will build overall pectoral and functional strength. It also helps in improving your body posture.

To do this, you have to get into the plank place. Your body should be in a straight place from your shoulders to the heels.

Now, make your arms nearer to your body but a little outside from your shoulder width. After then, lower down your chest towards the ground as low as possible. 

(Note: Your elbows should form a 45-degree angle while going down)

After that, push back to the starting place by extending your elbows, and repeat. Do 15-20 repetitions in three sets and take 10-20 seconds to rest between each one.

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Decline Pushups

Decline Pushups

Just as Pushups have different variations, Decline Pushups is one of the best for the upper chest area. The primary purpose of doing Decline Pushups is how it increases the tension or intensity on the upper chest of a person. This is mainly down to the fact that during the process of performing this exercise a person’s lower body is placed higher. Whereas, the upper part is at a lower level. It then works out the front delts, hereby helping your overall shoulder’s look.

To carry this out, start by placing your toes on a high bench or a couch. Your elbows must be locked and placed as much close to the body as possible.

Then, lower your body downwards until your chest is just an inch away from the floor and breathe in
. Step 3: Next, come back to the starting place by extending your elbows and breathe out. Then, repeat.
Do 10-15 repetitions in three sets.

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Close Grip Push-Ups

Close Grip Push-Ups

Now, this close grip pushes up, like the close grip bench press, places a higher rate of demands on the triceps and inner chest muscles. You can always do it to reduce your shoulder strain.

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Plyometric Push-Ups

Plyometric Push-Ups

The kind of push up is an upgraded push up variation that requires muscle to be explosive and also requires an eccentric strength. By adding this exercise within a push-up program, you can focus on stubborn muscle fibres that may not be fully used due to cut down contractile speed often seen in non-ballistic repetitions.

Kneeling Push-Ups

Kneeling Push-Ups

Push up by kneeling is another version of the standard push up, that’ll help beginners for beginners, persons who don’t have upper body strength and muscle mass. It’ll also aid and/or people who are exhibiting high amounts of muscle fatigue. 

When you carry out this kneeling Pushup, you cut the amount of loading placed on the chest and triceps, thereby making it easier for more repetitions to be finished (which may be beneficial for maximizing muscle destruction and metabolic fatigue).

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The dip workout is the one you can try on rings, parallel bars, a bench etc. In as much as you have a reliable surface, you can do Dips to hit the chest and triceps at slightly different angles than the push-up.

Chest Workouts Without Equipment 

Chest Workouts Without Equipment

Below are three chest workouts you can try out without equipment. The key with most of these exercises is that

  •  it reduces rest periods to maximize metabolic build-up and muscular fatigue
  • it adds to overall training volumes/repetitions,
  •  Adds to the exercise variations to fully exhaust muscle groups.

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100-Rep Chest Pump

100-Rep Chest Pump

This one is so much straight-forward and escalates very quickly. I actually enjoyed this one, due to the fact that it takes lesser than 5-10 minutes to do. When you are done, it leaves you with an amazing chest and triceps pump. Let alone of that, it is an activity that can be repeated and measured over and over. 

Every time you stop to rest, subtract the total amount of repetitions you have completed up to that point from 100 total reps, which will give you the amount of rest (seconds) that will take you before starting over again. 

For instance, imagine you open up with a set of 20 push-ups. You have to rest 80 seconds before starting again (100 total reps – 20 reps). On your second set, try to squeeze out another 18 repetitions. This will leave you with 62 seconds of rest (100 total reps – 20 reps – 18 reps). 

Just as you can see, rest periods get cut shorter and shorter as you reach 100 total reps, always leaving you to do singles, doubles, and/or triples under high amounts of fatigue with less than 5-10 seconds of rest, or less.

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4-Way Push-Up Workout

4-Way Push-Up Workout

This push-up ladder begins with the most complex and demanding push up variations and moves back towards the regression spectrum. The repetition adds up as the push-up variation turns less complex, less demanding and easier to do. As this may seem pretty easy at first, the sheer amount of volume (150-200 total repetitions) of push-ups will sneak up on you. 

Also, the 4-way push-up workout challenges the fast-twitch and explosive muscle fibres (plyometric push up), the inner pectorals and triceps (close grip and standard push up), and the more fatigue resistant fibres (due to the final 20 repetitions per every set)

  • 5 Plyometric Push-Ups
  • 10 Close Grip Push-Ups
  • 15 Push-Ups
  • 20 Kneeling Push-Ups
  • Rest 60-90 seconds
  • Repeat for 3-4 total sets

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Chest + Triceps Workout

Chest + Triceps Workout

You can try this kind of chest workout to increase your chest hypertrophy and muscular endurance, with the increased benefit of hitting the triceps as well. The goal here is to hit various regions of the pectorals (upper chest, lower chest, etc) while also working the supporting muscles (triceps, rhomboids and scapular stabilizers, and then, the shoulders) to give a well-rounded chest pressing workout. The workout includes tempo work and supersets to increase time under tension and increase muscle fatigue and metabolic build-up.

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The Diamond Push Up 

The Diamond Push Up

This one gets its name from the position of your index fingers and thumbs during the exercise, which forms a diamond shape. Differ from your regular push-ups, the Diamond Push Up is more efficient in working up your triceps and inner chest.


You don’t need a gym. You are a gym, yourself. You only need to try things the right way to build your chest without weights or equipment. In all, being moderate is essential. Kindly share

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